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JFI Radio 'LIVE' celebrated WORLD RADIO DAY 2018 with a very special series of LIVE podcasts with an amazing selection of women from around the world.


Episodes #51-59 Celebrating UNESCO World Radio Day on 13th February 2018 scroll down to listen to all the podcasts

Season 8 ``Live`` from our home studio in the UK

Gender equality at work. Inequality of pay based on gender. Victimisation of women in the workplace.  It seems that barely a day can go by where there isn’t a news report outlining inequality of behaviour, pay or worse still, abuse.  But is this what the next generation of women in business have to contend with?  We at JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ say “NO”.  On World Radio Day we’re ‘handing the mic’ to successful women from around the world who are in a position to share their expertise and what they’ve learned in business, with others.  Every 2 hours on World Radio Day 13th February 2018, we’ll be ‘LIVE’  starting at 5am (GMT) and all throughout the day on the odd hour, so 7am, 9am, 11am right up until the very last broadcast at 9pm.  We’ll feature our usual informal chat and world news about business training, learning and quality improvement, but for this very special broadcast day, we’ll also have small learning vignettes from some very special women around the world who want to share their particular “Pearls of Wisdom” with the next generation of young business women entering the workplace in the next couple of years.  More often referred to as Gen Z or iGens, this new cadre of women want something different in their working life, not a repeat of what women in business have experienced before them.At JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ we’re honoured to be sharing on World Radio Day valuable learning nuggets about how they can have a more powerful voice that will be heard in the workplace of the future.

Every 2 hours amazing business women from around the world shared their ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ with ‘Gen Z’ women!

05,00h Broadcast

Dr Edna Pasher from Israel http://www.pasher.co.il

Millicent Fawcett Suffragette, 1872

07,00h Broadcast

Aarti Shyamsunder from India SIOP

Ina Reisel from Germany https://www.ina-reisel.com/en

09,00h Broadcast

Maria Calibo-Sales from Australia http://www.calmarcorps.com

Dr Lynda Shaw from UK http://www.drlyndashaw.com

11,00h Broadcast

Roberta Belden from Mexico  (Gen ‘Z’)

Mona Al Sayah from Lebanon (Gen ‘Z’)

13,00h Broadcast

Galina Haustova from Russia http://unicorn-bs.com/trainer/haustova-galina

Annabel Harper from UK http://annabelharper.com

Fabienne Vailes from France http://www.flourishingstudent.com

15,00h Broadcast

Sofie Sandell from Sweden http://www.sofiesandell.com

Nkechi Enkay Kalu from Nigeria

Samira Fadhlani from UAE (Dubai) https://www.linkedin.com/in/samira-fadhlani-59b55a57/

17,00h Broadcast

Dr Susan Murray from Canada http://www.clearpathleadership.com

Sandy Scerri from Malta https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandyscerri/

Els van der Water from Belgium http://avvartes.com/project/els-van-de-water/

19,00h Broadcast

Hana Al Harban from Kuwait http://www.kisr.edu.kw/en/

Paulina Sygulska Tenner from Poland https://granttree.co.uk

21,00h Broadcast

Vrinda Methil from India  (Gen ‘Z’)

Gabriela La Fata from Venezuela  (Gen ‘Z’)

BINA 48 from Cyber Space (Gen Alpha) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfcyq7uGbZg





Józefa Fawcett, Founder of JFI Radio, shares her views about what’s hot, and what’s not, in the world of training, corporate learning and continuous quality improvement.Her passion is for business to deliver high quality training and for it to make a difference in the workplace.  Through her international training and consultancy work she brings a wonderful world of experts to her JFI Radio online radio show.Recorded live in the JFI Radio studio or out on location she shares her insights and opinions on a series of topics featuring in the news at the time.  There’s also a round up from the newsroom of the very latest updates from around the world.If you work in the professional fields of HR, training, coaching, facilitation, speaking, knowledge management, quality improvement, organisational development and change, you cannot afford to miss a JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ episode.


JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ grabbing some Facebook livestream footage inside the studios of Radio Leinehertz in advance of featuring Natalie Jane Fawcett appearing at Fête de la Musique here in Hannover sponsored by Radio Leinehertz 106.5

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