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JFI Radio Season 10 – highlights

Season 10 - Highlights

Some of the podcasts we broadcast during season 10.

Key points of interest in this podcast

02:55     Using games as part of a learning strategy

03:54     Business learning games across the generational divide

07:45     The silver thread throughout all of this is good design

09:02     Not all game-based learning has to be online

10:55     Re-skilling the workforce to meet future business needs

12:06     Explaining the thought behind the design of the “European Policy Monetary Game”

15:55     Games can explain the results of your decisions through multi-media approaches

18:25     How long does it take to build a learning game?

20:45     Go to https://iepublishing.ie.edu to access a wide range of learning material – quick tip is to access the site using

               Chrome browser with the Google Translate Chrome Extension for inline and page translations 

24:53     Key advice for those planning to use learning games inside an organisation

Hosted by: Józefa Fawcett

Józefa has been training business teams about learning, quality and HR strategies since 1980.

She has taught 000’s of HR professionals around the world in 36 countries on 5 continents across 15 industry sectors.

Key points of interest in this podcast

00:00     Project management context


Key points of interest in this podcast

00:00     World Quality Day