Jozefa Fawcett speaking

Natural accent is British. A received pronunciation (RP) voice, warm, authoritative, yet friendly.  Can also demonstrate regionally neutral tone with very clear diction, particularly valuable for audiences where English is not the first spoken language.

Since leaving the cosmetic world Józefa has had a variety of careers in recruitment, sales and training. Working in commercial, public and charity sectors in the UK; as a learning specialist adviser on European Commission projects; people management trainer; vocal coach, podcaster, and professional public speaker in 36 countries on 5 continents.

For the last 20 years Józefa has run her international training consultancy for leaders, managers, HR/L&D professionals and drivers of change. She has been recognised for her work winning the Global HR Award for Excellence (twice) and has awards for her academic lecturing at a top 5-ranked business school in Madrid (3 times), and is a provider of training excellence approved by the CPD Standards Office, UK for her training and public speaking services.

In between designing online learning, training and teaching at University, Józefa works at BusinessVocals providing the voice for promo films at GivingBack Films a social enterprise video production company.

Please note that while recording we keep our phones on silent, but we do check our mailbox each evening.


Jozefa Fawcett speaking

Voice Demos


  • NEWS: Cop 26 Coventry City Council 00:00
  • NEWS: Radio Leinehertz, Hannover, Germany 00:00
  • NEWS: GMTV Morning Television 00:00

EVENT: Conference Kuala Lumpur promo film

Online Tutorials

  • TUTORIAL: SAP product training 00:00
  • TUTORIAL: End Point Assessment 00:00
  • TUTORIAL: Every Decision Matters (NHS) 00:00
  • TUTORIAL: Medical Training Film 00:00
  • TUTORIAL: Training Sprints Course 00:00
  • TUTORIAL: SK Profiler 00:00

Audio Books

  • AUDIO BOOK: Goldilocks and the 3 bears 00:00
  • AUDIO GUIDE: Italian tourist guide book 00:00
  • AUDIO BOOK: Asthmatic Breathing 00:00
  • AUDIO BOOK: Twas The Night Poem 00:00

Brand/Product Films

  • BRAND/SERVICES: Novartis 00:00
  • BRAND/PRODUCT: Medical Research 00:00
  • BRAND/PRODUCT: Probio 7 00:00
  • BRAND/PRODUCT: E-Real Augmented Reality 00:00

Podcast / Radio Sweepers

  • PODCAST: JFI Radio 00:00

Straight Read

  • Mother & Son 00:00

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Jozefa Fawcett


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