Ensure that your workforce hear your transformational change plans through a truly powerful vocal message.

Get your message in front of the right people and clearly heard by those who buy your products or services.

Don’t let your voice get lost in the business noise, we voice your words ~ live or recorded ~ yet always with passion!

Speaking Live

We know that when you book a live ‘Professional Speaker’ you want someone who can be thought-provoking and add memorable value to your event.

Józefa Fawcett is a professional international speaker, trainer and facilitator available for live events and business conferences around the world.

Recorded Voice-Over

We understand that a recorded ‘Voice-Over’ for your products, services or brand should be heard, and yet not over-power the client or the message.

Józefa and James D Fawcett are the world’s only mother & son voice-over duo available for promo films, websites, online tutorials, audio books etc.

Speaking Live

If you produce a business event, trade fair, conference or educational event, then Józefa Fawcett can speak live to add valuable content with either a keynote talk, seminar or pre/post event workshop.

See her in action and find out about more about her six key topic areas.



Józefa Fawcett

Voice-Over Artist

Natural accent is British. A Received Pronunciation (RP) voice, warm, authoritative, yet friendly.  Can also demonstrate regionally neutral tone with very clear diction, particularly valuable for audiences where English is not the first spoken language.


James D Fawcett

Voice Actor

Natural accent is British. A young, rich, vibrant and regionally neutral voice actor for character pieces with accents, e.g. American (General, Southern and New York), UK Dialects: Liverpudlian (Scouse) and London (Cockney & RP).

Recorded Voice-Over Services

There are many ways that a Professional Voice-Over can enhance your company, product or profile in order to better engage your audience and convert sales.

See all the different ways voice-over can be used in your business.

Experience The Power Of The Spoken Word

Increase the impact of your business message with a strong, clear voice.

Free Vocal Coaching App

If you want to learn how to get a more powerful speaking voice for yourself, then coaching can help and Józefa’s Business Vocal Coaching App is a great way to start. It has simple tips and ideas that will help you grow in confidence when doing recording or live speaking.

See our full range of additional voice coaching services on our sister website JFI Store