Creating a powerful vocal message


The Worlds' Only Mother & Son Voice-Over Team

Józefa Fawcett

The Mother

Natural accent is a British received pronunciation (RP) voice, warm, authoritative, yet friendly with regionally neutral tone and very clear diction excellent for audiences where English is not the first spoken language.
Natural accent is British. A young, rich, vibrant and regionally neutral voice actor for character pieces with accents, e.g. American (General, Southern and New York), UK Dialects: Liverpudlian (Scouse) and London (Cockney & RP).
James doing voiceover
James D. Fawcett

The Son

VO Services

Jozefa and James's studio

The Uses of a Good VO

There are many ways that a Professional Voice-Over can enhance your company, product or profile in order to better engage your audience and convert sales.

Picture of a microphone

The Voices

Józefa and James Fawcett are the voices. One is a professional public speaker, and award-winning trainer, whilst the other is a professionally-trained actor.

Picture of a microphone

The Equipment

Recordings are done in a sound-treated home recording studio ~ with professional equipment and live direction (if needed) via Source Connect Now.


“Working with Józefa and James has been a delight. We are confident in their ability to interpret the brief and deliver up to all expectations, and it’s not just our clients that are happy. We feel that we have found an amazing team to work with. Their synergy together is “audible” and it shows in the voice-over results. We loved their work on the Reuters Sustainable Business Awards 2021, We asked James to deliver with an American accent and guess what? Our American clients loved it and now wants more of it”

“I felt that the sound of Józefa’s voice has been consistently reassuring to our European Commission auditors. Her capacity, tonality, clear pronunciation, and the ability to stress the important sentences, gives a listener with a ‘non-English mother tongue’, the opportunity to not only properly understand but also deeply appreciate the content and creates a real empathy between herself and her listening audience, enhancing the level of communication and message”

“Here is a very talented lady who provided a professional voice-over recording with an original music score for the IFTDO promotional film for the 44th IFTDO Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The film received rave reviews from IFTDO Board Members and the international audience resulting in many new membership sign-ups at the event. She presented total commitment to ensure that only perfection was acceptable – a clear hallmark of Józefa’s voice-over work”

“There’s nothing better than working with a reliable and incredibly hard-working team that has your back. We work with demanding high-level clients and tight deadlines, but we know that BusinessVocals has our back, and we can always count on them. Working with Józefa brings up that tone of responsible, professorial and motherly status to her recordings and her voice is perfect for so many of our corporate projects”

“I have known Józefa for some four years having seen her speaking live at international conferences around the world, and always felt that her voice was easy to understand, especially for a non-native English speaker like myself. It was then an easy choice to commission Józefa to do the voice-over for e-Real promotional films to secure tenders with organisations. We were so pleased with the outcome of the first film for Saudi Aramco, that we have since commissioned her again to produce a larger piece for another film, and will have no hesitation to use her again”


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