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Natural accent is British. A Received Pronunciation (RP) voice, warm, authoritative, yet friendly.

Can also demonstrate regionally neutral tone with very clear diction, particularly valuable for audiences where English is not the first spoken language.

Since leaving the cosmetic world Józefa has had a variety of careers in recruitment, sales and training. Working in commercial, public and charity sectors in the UK; as a learning specialist adviser on European Commission projects; people management trainer; vocal coach and professional speaker in 36 countries on 5 continents.

Alongside her live speaking and voice-over work, Józefa runs a specialist training consultancy for people management training with her professional training and HR skills recognised by winning the Global HR Award for Excellence in 2009 and again in 2017, two awards for her academic lecturing at a top 5 ranked business school in Madrid, and three quality and excellence awards from CPDSO for her training and speaking services.

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Once connected you, and up to 4 people can listen and will be able to comment and/or direct her through the recording via bi-directional streaming using high quality low latency audio in your web browser (Requires using the Google Chrome browser only, as it utilises the built-in Opus codec).


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Jozefa Fawcett


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