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JFI Radio launches Season 11 

BusinessVocals produces JFI Radio.

Season 11

We kick off Season 11 with an amazing interview with the world renowned HR, learning and talent management analyst, Josh Bersin.

Josh Bersin is a world-known industry analyst and founder of Bersin, a leading provider of research-based membership programs in human resources (HR), talent and learning. He lives in the San Francisco area, close enough to Silicon Valley to keep up with new technology and its impact on the business of talent.

Key points of interest in this podcast

01:01   Introduction to Josh Bersin

02:05   Why the redesign of HR for employee experiences is so important in current climate

04:40   HR work is becoming more Agile in design and in delivery

05:45   Wasn’t HR always supposed to be focused on the employee experience?

07:50   Having silo business processes are no longer true

10:45   We’re now into a whole new way of how we design things and produce services inside of HR

12:20   Is HR and L&D ready and willing to make this shift of focus

15:00   Are we about to see the re-emergence of the OD specialist?

22:41   We in HR were late to the discussion party when the KM explosion happened, are we better positioned to inform and support the emergence of the Empathy Economy this time around?

23:23  Three things that are very interesting about this emerging Empathy Economy

27:05  Contact details for Josh are joshbersin.com and bersinacademy.com

Hosted by: Józefa Fawcett

Józefa has been training business teams about learning, quality and HR strategies since 1980.

She has taught 000’s of HR professionals around the world in 36 countries on 5 continents across 15 industry sectors.