World Radio Day 2024

Join JFI Radio and other members around the world celebrating World Radio Day 2024!

What is World radio day?

World Radio Day is a UNESCO International Day celebrated on 13 February every year since it was adopted in 2011.

World Radio Day is an opportunity to celebrate radio as a medium. It is a chance to promote international cooperation between radio broadcasters, to encourage major networks and local radio stations to foster access to information and freedom of expression.

World Radio Day has a number of objectives, namely: to raise awareness among the general public and the media about the value of public service audio; to encourage decision makers to promote free, independent, pluralistic radio and to strengthen networking and international cooperation between broadcasters.

What's happening this year?

The theme this year for World Radio Day is 

Radio: A century informing, entertaining and educating.

Three services that radio provides are informing, entertaining, and educating. Radio is a great educator covering all from basic education to a wide range of academic disciplines, reaching people in many diverse geographical areas.

JFI Radio focuses on educating managers, leaders and HR professionals about training, learning, development, organisational learning, and quality improvement leading to business excellence.

How is JFI Radio celebrating WRD?

To mark the occasion on 13 February 2024 JFI Radio will be broadcasting a series of short LIVE episodes throughout the day so that as many people around the world can listen at a time to suit them.

  • Season 13, Ep 1  World Radio Day 7am ~ Radio and entertainment : The theatre of the mind
  • Season 13, Ep 2  World Radio Day 10am ~ Radio and information : Trust in business
  • Season 13, Ep 3  World Radio Day 1pm ~ Radio and education (1) : Trust in the workplace
  • Season 13, Ep 4 World Radio Day 4pm ~ Radio and education (2) : The value of effective communication
  • Season 13, Ep 5 World Radio Day 7pm ~ Radio and education (3) : OER and the changing learning content landscape
  • Season 13, Ep 6 World Radio Day 10pm ~ Radio and [future] information : “It’s work Jim, but not as we know it” 
These broadcasts will feature a range of educational topics to further the development of the workforce of the future. JFI Radio is an Open Educational Resource which means that the podcasts can be used by trainers and academic educators to support whole team learning and course based education – see licence below.

To find out more about how to use these podcasts in training and/or educational settings please email Józefa Fawcett at

    JFI Radio © 2024 by Józefa Fawcett is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International 


    CC BY-SA 4.0

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    • BY: Credit must be given to the creator.
    • SA: Adaptations must be shared under the same terms.
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